We Object!

Affordable access to natural supplements is not the government’s to take and neither is access to natural health practitioners, who may be unable to practice due to the effects of this bill.  We do not need protection from something that has been around for centuries. 

We are asking the new Prime Minister, Mr Hipkins, and parliament to rescind this section of the bill.  We agree that medicines, medical devices and active pharmaceutical ingredients should be regulated by an independent body without any industry ties, along with synthetic ingredients in foods such as additives.  

The last three years have made us skeptical of regulatory bodies and the government as they have repeatedly shown that they do not have the interests of New Zealanders at heart. 

This bill will not weed out the “cowboys”, nor will it make it easier to see a naturopath. It will make it a lot more expensive as practitioners, manufacturers  and suppliers will have to contend with a lot of red tape.  Remember what happened with eggs?

On a personal note to MPs, if only for your own self-preservation as MPs and as parents, siblings and children, do not let this bill go through.

How to Object

It is easy and we walk you through it on our post here

The People Have the Power When We Work Together

We can get to a million touch points, using the government’s submissions page, signing a petition, talking with MPs and holding placards.