This question of whether She resigned to escape a scandal brewing is indeed the subject of a lot of speculation. The obvious one is the extent to which She and Her minions in the MoH including Bloomfield covered up the nature of Her government’s dealing with Pfizer, as well as the evidence about how useless and dangerous that substance is.

Another possibility is the orchestration, — Zelensky + CIA style — of the counter-propaganda about the protestors outside Parliament against Her mandates. We know that there were agents provocateurs planted in the crowd in order to smear and defame the protestors collectively, particularly on the last day, Ash Wednesday 2022. The police OIA we obtained (see earlier) says there were no undercover agents. It’s not possible to make any comment on that, except that if the agents provocateurs weren’t undercover cops, then which government agency or NGO employed them? The Independent Police Conduct Authority is still conducting its investigation, so is She concerned that the report won’t be the whitewash that She hopes for?