by Geoffrey Churchman

When justifying her government sending $43 million of NZ taxpayers’ money to prop up the dreadful Zelensky regime last year, Dear Leader of Jacindaland said that Ukraine represented ‘our’ (meaning her government’s) values.

But it’s more than a little problematic now for the Hipkins government as well as for the Leftists who run the NATO block and particularly the EU countries in siding with the Zelensky regime from both a moral and economic viewpoint. Most of the world sensibly chose to stay neutral and not take sides.

Former US Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard just after the hot war started in February 2022 pointed out that Ukraine is not a democracy. It wasn’t, rather it was a horrible autocracy run by corrupt thugs. That situation is now far worse and it is now a tinpot dictatorship of the type you expect in an African or South American country, not a European one. Opposition media is banned, opposition politicians silenced, dissenters given ‘special treatment’, the Orthodox church has been shut down, its property seized and the people who remain now live in abject poverty. It’s estimated that the population in Ukraine is about half what it was a year ago. Over 1 million moved to Russia, many millions have fled to the rest of Europe (about 1200 have reportedly come to Jacindaland) and, of course, its men of military age are now largely killed or hors de combat.

By refusing to negotiate a peace treaty with Russia, the Biden administration has taken a bad situation — which they caused — and made it considerably worse, not only for the people of Ukraine but the people of the NATO alliance. Will NATO survive? Probably not, 60% of the populations oppose its continuation of this war and it is now clear it wastes enormous resources that would be far better used for peaceful purposes. Will the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa benefit? Yep.