The Freedom Convoys which had begun in the Far North of the North Island passed through Waikanae and Kapiti in the morning and assembled in and around Parliament Grounds in the early afternoon. It stayed there as a tent village until 2 March when The Mallard and Comrade Jacinda ordered Coster’s troops to remove them using as much violence and destruction as they liked.

From the start the Leftist government-paid Legacy Media out of loyalty to Her tried their utmost to villify the attendees and participants and they continued to do that throughout. The amount of distortion and straight-out balderdash they spouted was quite astonishing and, of course, they still spout it.

It was a decisive moment in the country’s history: a big people’s movement to defend their rights and freedoms against a tyranical regime, which we still have, but hopefully only for another 8 months. It was also decisive in other ways — the trust that the general public had in the government paid presstitutes took a big hit and it has continued to erode. It also exposed the true nature of this government and the personalties in it, not just the awful politicians, but some of the low calibre, weird and very dubious types on huge salaries who pervade the upper echelons of the public service and academia.