Below are more reports we have received. It’s hard to know what to make of this, but what can be said is that the police under Coster told lies about the demonstrators outside parliament a year ago, so on his orders they are probably lying again. Also the official Jacinda government ordered fudging of covid figures (upwards) and vaccine injuries / deaths (downwards) has made many very suspicious and reluctant to accept government claims at face value anymore. What’s harder is figuring why they are being dishonest about this.  Surely it would help promote their Climatist religious belief to tell the truth here?

Our daughter is on the ground in Hawkes Bay helping out wherever she can with the clean up and generally supporting people. She has not seen exactly what you mention but I’m sure she would back up your claim. She has told us of digger drivers working on the silt layers who have found buried cars complete with dead bodies inside- awful awful awful.

She has also spoken of looters and friends of ours who have lost their house near Gisborne have been robbed- some of the people who are turning up as ‘helpers’ are ‘help-yourselfers’……


I’ve just had another call from a person in Hawke’s Bay backing up what many locals are saying from what they have personally seen.

There are HUNDREDS dead, not just 11 or so. A helicopter pilot has seen bodies all over the place and on the beaches.

Workers have seen the morgues full of them. A truck driver has been carting them in — load after load.

There are less police in the whole area than they had for the Wellington demonstration a year ago.

Crime has reached unimaginable rates with looting — even with owners in buildings — guns and knives etc to enable this.

The media are saying nothing. The government is assuring us everything is OK. Totally disgusting. What is their plan in this cover-up?


The following gut-wrenching report came to me in a voice message.

I believe strongly that the information should be made available to everyone while the identity of the person kept private.

I have therefore made a transcript and edited out bits that are at all personal

The reality on the ground in Hawke’s Bay

Hey, how are you? Sorry, I haven’t really been in content. I’ve been trying to lay low.

From what I know there’s hundreds, hundreds dead the morgue – the morgue at the hospital is full.

There’s a morgue at the port that is reported to have about 100 bodies and I have spoken to someone I know that works at the port and he confirmed that.

But he also said it’s under army control and it’s classified.

So then I got a hold of a friend who’s in the army.

He’s actually been up in Gisborne. He’s due back here in Hawke’s Bay tonight, so I’m going to go and see him because he’s really cagey about what he says.

He said, “I’ve been up in Gisborne and what I’ve seen there is worse than Afghanistan.”

So he’s been in the army 20 years, and he’s been to war and he said this is worse.

My daughter’s boyfriend’s brother was working clearing a bridge yesterday. They were getting the slash up in he found a body. He recognized the hand, but the rest of the body is unrecognizable.

So I think that issue – and this is through talking with people I trust in Hawke’s Bay, not hearsay.

The issue was these bodies have been smashed by the slash. They have had downpours of water gushing past them. They’ve been beaten up and they’ve also been decomposing for six days in water and heat.

You can’t get a dental appointment in Hawke’s Bay because all the dentists are trying to use dental records to identify the bodies.

There is a group of 50 RSE workers (Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa –Ed) that were working in the Esk valley that have all been taken out.

The forestry boys on recovery mission — so the forestry boys, the navy, obviously the police, Search and Rescue — everyone are picking up bodies off the beaches and off the forestry blocks because I can get to more remote areas.

Apparently, with the 50 RSE workers, no one can identify them.

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