from the Counterspin Media website

[Yesterday] morning Liz told us she was waiting for an X-ray on her wrist that was badly damaged last night during her arrest at the Auckland Airport. Our thoughts are with her and Jonathan.

This is the statement Liz sent us:

My hand, arm, elbow, shoulder, neck are all inflamed. The police officer really wanted to hurt me.

We have to build a new NZ, where police thuggery is totally outlawed.

This cop must be held to account – not just for me and the abuse he perpetrated on me, unprovoked, total abuse – but for all of our nation who I call now to be brave and caring Kiwis.

If not, this will be the future these corrupt globalists want – thugs in charge, gratuitous violent and intimidatory.

If we don’t want NZ to become like communist China, now each loyal Kiwi needs to stand up for the democracy that is being stolen from under our noses with each new violation of peaceful and caring people, sanctioned by a corrupted group in Parliament .

We all know something is gravely wrong here in NZ in 2023.

We must stop looking away. Lean in. Stand in unity for a just and honourable and truly caring society.

A year ago it was the gentle good Kiwis of Freedom Village.

Today it’s my pain.

Tomorrow it could be any other normal Kiwi being suddenly and violently brutalised and violated.

We can stop this only through standing up together.

Right now . Stand up !For the country and freedoms you have loved . Unless you do , both are gone.

Be brave.

Do what is morally right. We each know what that is. Listen to what your heart is telling you.

Help save our country and please pray to your God to defend our (once) Free Land.

Questions should be asked of those in charge of Auckland Airport about this obscene Mob attack in their building too:

Mob leader A. Coster who gets about $700,000 a year from taxpayers.