by Steve Kirsch

Australia didn’t have a lot of covid deaths until after they rolled out the covid ‘vaccines’. Now excess deaths are out of control. Something is causing those deaths. Any guesses?

Figure 1. The projected overall excess mortality in Australia for 2022 is extraordinarily high (30,449 deaths which is around a 20% increase over the normal baseline). Something must be causing this. And it has to be big.
Figure 2. If you shift the ‘vaccination’ curve by 6 months, it seems to align well with the death spikes.
Figure 3. If you plot excess mortality on a percentage basis over baseline for that age group, you find that the 0-44 age group has an excess mortality increase that is difficult to explain if it isn’t the covid vaccine. Not only is it elevated, but it remains elevated. This is problematic because covid comes in waves and it disproportionally affects the elderly. So something is killing young people and it started at the same time they rolled out the boosters in Australia. I wonder what it could be?

Clearly, the excess mortality has skyrocketed in late 2021. This is hard to explain, especially for the 0-44 year-olds in Figure 3.

There has to be something causing this effect, it has to be novel, and it has to be something that is affecting a huge number of people in that age group at that time.

Interestingly, it seems that the boosters rolled out in Australia in December 2021 (drag the timeline slider to see this). So it could be the vaccine. We can’t rule it out. Is there a more likely alternative explanation?

In Sy’s underlying paper he uses the Bradford Hill criteria to explain how the COVID ‘vaccine’ is causing this effect.

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