by David Horowitz

You can call it hypocrisy… you can call it projecting… you can call it lying…

But I know from firsthand experience as a former Marxist, this is one of the textbook ways the Radical Left draws people in and gets them to buy into their false narrative.

But no longer are conservatives going to let the radical left get away with this. Here at the Freedom Center we are dedicated to exposing these lies and hypocrisy, even if it puts a target on our backs.

In fact, I want to share a recent breaking article from FrontPageMag, which exposes how two Russian billionaires colluded with Hunter and then-Vice President Joe Biden  — at the same exact time the Washington Establishment claimed with zero evidence that President Donald Trump was in Vladimir Putin’s pocket.

Read the article here:

Russian collusion is only of interest to this establishment when it can be used as a political tool.

When people on their side do it, it’s entirely beneath notice.

Turns out, as long as you’re doing crony foreign business with Hunter and Joe Biden, you can avoid getting sanctioned as well!

That’s the lesson two Russian friends of Joe and Hunter learned last week when the Treasury Department decided to spare them, while the UK and Australia both have sanctioned them.

Of course, Joe Biden has called any legitimate claims of collusion “false ‘Russian Plants’”. And his buddies in the liberal media censor these stories from seeing the light of day.

The good thing for you and me is that FrontPageMag doesn’t subscribe to the top-down leftist tyranny that tells the media what they are and aren’t allowed to say.

Be sure to check out the full article. I think you’ll find it interesting.