from lawyer reader Peter

Guy Hatchard has written a number of times about excess mortality figures since “The Jab” was introduced in early-mid 2021.

As further evidence of Guy’s proposition, the figures on the number of Will enquiries published in the Law Society bulletin Law Talk provide an interesting view.

I am sure the number of Will enquiries has jumped since “The Jab” was introduced. Certainly, the time that the High Court is now taking to approve Probate applications has extended from about 5 weeks pre-jab to about 12 weeks now.

On another subject, do you think that the demonisation of carbon could be linked to the fanatical attempts by the Democrats in the US to restrict the income of Russia from its oil and gas sales?

In respect of the last question, it’s unlikely that Leftists’ increased carbon dioxide antipathy is related to Russia as blaming it for all adverse weather events goes back a few decades. The World’s two biggest consumers of fossil fuels, India and China, have become very friendly with Russia since the hot conflict in Ukraine began last year to mutual benefit. As was reported recently, not only Russian but Western oil companies have also done extremely well because of Joe and his cronies’ war. —Eds