(ACT media release)

“Chris Hipkins obviously has a different opinion of what ‘bread and butter’ is to most Kiwis, His Government has announced they’re doling out millions in corporate welfare to a distillery and film studio,” says ACT Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden.

“This week the Government announced $2.9 million for Scapegrace Distillery and $4.5 million for Silverlight film studio.

“Since there’s apparently millions of dollars lying around to spend on alcohol and film subsidies you would think that the health system isn’t collapsing, food prices aren’t going through the roof, mortgages and rents aren’t increasing, frontline workers aren’t protesting in the streets. Nope, this is just Labour’s priorities.

“Every dollar spent on subsidies and corporate welfare is a dollar that can’t be spent elsewhere. We would be better off scrapping corporate welfare and allowing taxpayers to keep the money.

“The Labour-National corporate welfare gravy train, which left the station under Steven Joyce, and grew under NZ First, must end in 2023.

“It’s easy to be kind when you’re spending other people’s money. But ultimately everything the government spends needs to be taxed from productive Kiwis. Giving billions in corporate welfare has meant that we can’t get taxes under control.

“A successful economy is one in which resources flow to their most valuable uses. Taxing successful businesses and giving it to unsuccessful businesses only makes us poorer.

“No one spends money as carefully as the person who earned it. Voters need to ask: Do I want to keep more of what I earn, or do I want to give it to politicians to buy votes? ACT proposes to end corporate welfare and return the money to taxpayers in the form of tax cuts.”