This is about the situation in America; corporations that should be boycotted in Jacindaland include Z fuel stations, BP* and the BNZ bank. There are other reasons also for boycotting them, including shonky dealing and corruption.

from Ben Garrison

Do you shop at ‘woke’ corporations such as Target, Walgreens, and Amazon?

Big Box stores that offer you cheap, made-in-China goods while they shame and lecture you for not being ‘woke’ enough. Woke corporations are destroying small, local businesses as they set up giant warehouse stores in America’s small towns. Yes, you’ll end up saving a few bucks, but then you’ll pay a different kind of price including increased traffic in your town, and Chinese products that are cheaply made and under-tested. Projects that can injure or even kill you.

America, it’s time to fight back and take the gloves off. You CAN make a difference and there are more of us than the WOKE cult.  We can make a difference by voting with our wallets.

You can stand with Thousands of Patriots who have decided to Vote with their Wallets and support American-made manufacturing and American owned companies.

*See this article: BP Extracted £15 Billion of Iraqi Oil After British Invasion