Of course, it’s this government’s version of the ‘Treaty’ and we all know what that is — we’ve had many posts on the subject from Roger Childs, John Robinson, Bruce Moon and others.

from Roger D

New Zealand ENGINEERS, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, and LAWYERS, this on top of the REAL ESTATE AGENTS who had their marching orders last week.

Our City Councilors in Hamilton, by the way, had their training a while back, though I do believe there was the odd absentee! This is mandatory for all NZ Local Government Councilors and staff.

It is a two-hour course that has to be paid for in the vicinity of $30, including the employer having to pay their wages and travel to the venue at the same time.

Complaints have been laid and feelings are running high, but if you do not register there is every likelihood of you not being allowed to practice your particular profession or trade.

Read some of these websites, and see for yourselves the absolute rubbish one has to digest in this two hour session ( try the Engineers website for starters, and read the Te Ao Maori site there, or the Chartered Accountants https://www.charteredaccountantsanz.com/news-and-analysis/news/gaining-perspective-on-the-treaty-of-waitangi).

All of this gives a minority of the population who claim some Maori ancestry more rights and privileges than anyone else. Hiring someone based on their ability to do the job is no longer critical: their ancestry is!

Also businesses should focus on 50% of staff being of Maori ancestry, if not also in management roles, it does not matter if they cannot perform in those positions. [That will be very difficult unless we all identify as Maori; in fact the way things are headed, that sounds like a good idea. Your local mandated iwi could charge admission fees, and we’re in the money! —Eds]