• Class action filed at Federal Court on Wednesday
  • Government and medicines regulator named parties

A landmark Covid-19 vaccine injury class action lawsuit has been filed against the Australian government and the medicines regulator.

The nation-wide suit, which reportedly has 500 members including three named applicants, seeks redress for those allegedly left injured or bereaved by the Covid-19 vaccines.

One of the applicants who suffered a severe heart condition after getting the Pfizer jab is even claiming there was ‘cover-up’ during the vaccine rollout which hid the potential risks. 

‘These injured and bereaved have suffered immense loss, pain and grief,’ Dr McCann tweeted.

‘Just as heartbreaking has been the gaslighting and silence, which has left them feeling abandoned. We cannot simply ‘move on’ from covid and leave them behind.’

Dr McCann has been critical of the existing compensation scheme, claiming it was ‘not fit for purpose’.

‘Many vaccine-injured Australians who cannot access compensation through the Services Australia scheme now find themselves abandoned, with no support,’ Dr McCann said.

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The government of Jacindaland also should be sued for the same reasons.