By Chris Drew (PhD)

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Examples of genders include male, female, transgender, cisgender, and gender non-conforming.

We live in a world where gender identity is increasingly considered a cultural construct and fluid concept.

And in fact, if we move beyond a eurocentric view of gender, cultural ideas about diversity of genders has existed across cultures for as long as humans have existed. From two-spirit people in Native America to Whakawahine in Maori culture, multiple gender constructs span the ages.

Below is an A to Z list of genders and words to describe gender identity.

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Note: This article is not a presentation of my personal or political viewpoint. In sociology courses, we present multiple perspectives on social issues and have our students think critically about them – social constructionism is one sociological perspective among many that are presented to students in order for them to engage in critical debate and discussion. For example, in class, we also discuss the functionalist perspective that challenges the social constructivist perspectives found in this article.

How Many Genders Are There?

There are at least 80 ways to describe gender. That’s not to say there are 80 different genders, but there are at least 80 different cultural terms to describe gender constructs.

The list below is a collection of terms to refer to different gender identifications, but it is not a comprehensive list. More could be added from various other cultures around the world.

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