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A Hamilton solo mother-of-four says she dreads coming home every day after years living next to Kāinga Ora “neighbours from hell”.

Katelyn Park, who lives with her children aged 14, 10, 9 and 6, says that she has repeatedly complained to Kāinga Ora but the agency only responded when she shared a TikTok video about her struggles and it went viral.

The video, posted on May 14, shows her mother, who was visiting the home, being confronted by the Kāinga Ora tenants after she asked them to turn down their music.

The tenants scale the fence bordering the two properties, verbally harassing her mother and spraying her with liquid.

Park’s son can also be heard throughout the altercation, repeatedly asking his mother for a creaming soda, seemingly nonplussed by the confrontation.

The bizarre scenes saw the video go viral and be shared by news sites in Australia and the United Kingdom – but when the Herald contacted the long-suffering mum, she revealed the problems go much deeper.

A rubbish fire over the fence. The regular fires blow smoke into neighbouring properties. (Katelyn Park photo)

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It’s no surprise Raumati people are unhappy about KO plans to establish a complex there.