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Solidarity with Canada’s truckers convoy in February 2022. (pic via globalnews.ca)

NZ and Canadian Medics suffer tragic parallels
Canadian medics have been leading from the front lately in the pushback against public health overreach and the jab fatalities and injuries. We have already just reviewed the truly power-packed Citizens Inquiry, with some very compelling and informative presentations. The Canadian Medics’ Equivalent of NZDSOS: CCCA Now, in the latest newsletter from the Canadian Covid… Read More

Medical Victories: signs the MCNZ and other justice and medical bodies around the World are quietly conceding?
MCNZ and HDC Quietly and trying not to make a  fuss or provide an explanation, it would appear that the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) and the Health and Disability Commission (HDC), are trying to make the injustices of the last three years disappear, hoping no one will notice and that the doctors that they… Read More

how many Adverse Events in New Zealand are there really?

Medsafe was recently asked about the Safety Reports which stopped being published in Dec 2022 (and included adverse event data up to the end of November 2022).  They said they aren’t going to publish the reports in the same format as they feel they have established the safety profile of Comirnaty, so they are not… Read More

What’s happening at the 76th World Health Assembly?

The World Health Organization (WHO) are hosting the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva from 21 to 30 May 2023, during which time they are also celebrating their 75th anniversary. Three main issues are on the agenda this year, all of which relate to an attempt to consolidate global power into the hands of a few, at the great expense of the many… Read More