This time next royal holiday weekend, we may not be able to write such opinion pieces as this.

There’s certain alarm right now at the regime’s new proposals to shut folk up & stop them speaking their minds, let alone speaking uncomfortable truths. And today we hear of our ‘dearly departed Ardern’s’ new title.

Ardern is now in sunnier climes lecturing at Harvard on this, her apparent favourite topic, censorship, her mission in NZ done and dusted, she’s moved on, far from the clamour of the thousands of injured. 

The Globalists always look after their own, witness the new title, and remember Sirs Douglas & Key also notorious for their treasonous exploits? As the good book says, you will know them by their fruits.

And so, the loyal carry on the agenda with further plans for shutting down truth, repackaged as ‘disinformation’. Watch next for the 15 minute cities. Aussie’s Coffs Harbour folk are pushing back on this one as more and more begin to wake up to the scam.

Remember the grapefruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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