by Guy Hatchard

At the height of the fear and panic about possible pandemic outcomes, there is no doubt people acted under a fight or flight psychology. Anyone familiar with emergency situations will realise what this means. You either meet the threat head on or you rush to the nearest exit. Everything is concentrated on self-preservation, you are looking to cling on to lifelines. There is little time to think it through.

The nearest exit rapidly became the development and eventual rollout of a ‘vaccine’, the most trusted and revered word in the modern medical lexicon. But this was no ordinary ‘vaccine’, it was using novel biotechnology whose eventual effect was little understood, but already known to be mutagenic. What lay behind the offered exit was largely untested and highly risky, but no one was prepared to admit this to the public, they still aren’t (we have written extensively on this at GLOBE).

Extensive research is now published indicating that the novel biotech ‘vaccines’ are ineffective and unsafe, but the nature of the early information presented to the public, who were in a state of near panic, has been imprinted too deeply in the individual and collective consciousness to allow for doubt to emerge.

Over the last few months a thirty year old social media personality has experienced a miscarriage, loss of health and irregular menstrual cycles, her husband has had a heart attack, but hundreds of her followers have urged her to ignore anyone asking questions about ‘vaccine’ safety. She has become caught in a network of irrational responses and a reluctance to question the safety of the so-called exit strategy. She is a victim of disinformation.

Unequivocal data shows she is not alone. Here in New Zealand and in many other highly vaccinated nations we have entered an era of record rates of excess deaths (up 18%); and hospitalisations including high incidence of cardiac illness up 83%, strokes up 25%, miscarriage and stillbirths up 25%, and acute kidney injury up 40%. Cancer incidence is climbing. Yet the causes of these remain unaddressed in the media. People are suffering repeated ill health episodes, but due to saturation government advertising and media compliance many still thank God they are vaccinated.

The gratitude of survivors to their rescuers is well known, it can last a lifetime. People maintain contact, and the shared experiences of escape become the stuff of legends to be passed down generations. But what if the dangers were exaggerated, the causes obfuscated, and the eventual poor outcomes ignored, as they are being now?

Government control of the dialogue

In NZ we have Legacy Media that are paid government fearmongers + propagandists.

An article published yesterday in the UK TelegraphCovid disinformation unit made ‘hourly contact’ with tech firms, its leader reveals” indicates the extent of control the UK government exerted over information during the pandemic. A control that is still continuing today. The article reports that a career civil servant, Sarah Connolly is Head of the Counter Disinformation Unit (CDU). Ms. Connolly has just admitted in testimony to MPs that the CDU was in contact with “almost all” social media platforms, and that discussions were “daily, sometimes hourly… to encourage…the swift take down of posts”.

The Telegraph reports these contacts were intended to curtail discussions about ‘vaccine’ safety and discussion of controversial lockdown policies during the pandemic. Addressing MPs, she said that the most concerning types of anti-‘vaccine’ material included discussions about side-effects and the speed with which the ‘vaccine’ was produced.

When asked about the CDU’s process for having posts removed, Ms Connolly said: “If somebody from our cell says: ‘We are worried about this,’ that goes immediately to the top of the pile. Whoever it is, in whatever company.” In other words, since many scientific papers and leading scientists were raising these questions, she appears to be frightened by the normal process of scientific investigation and determined to control it.

The Telegraph reports that the UK Government confirmed last night that social media firms had taken action on more than 90 per cent of the posts referred to them by the CDU during the pandemic, often by deleting them or using AI algorithms to ensure they were not seen as widely. This is the modern equivalent of government-sponsored book burning.

The effect of these policies on media reporting was laid bare by current and former BBC staff who have told the Telegraph that, during the pandemic, a “climate of fear” existed within the BBC among those who argued that its reporting lacked balance, saying they were branded “dissenters” and were ignored when they raised their concerns about impartiality with senior managers. Staff were fearful of losing their jobs if they spoke up.

Sources told the Telegraph that Connolly took control of the Covid narrative like a puppeteer. CDU rapidly silenced respected scientists such as Dr Alexandre de Figueiredo from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and many others, who argued against mass vaccination of children against Covid-19, questioning its need or safety.

There are fears that Connolly’s control at CDU indicates the close involvement of the UK intelligence services. Connolly’s CV notes she previously worked in the Home Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office on a range of security and counter-terrorism policies. Were government ministers so poorly informed about a technical area that they became misinformation perpetrators in the hands of people used to enforcing agendas by any and every means?

In New Zealand we are being left in the dark.

We too have a government Disinformation Project funded by the Prime Minister’s office whose staff appear to share political agendas and a lamentable deficit of scientific understanding. Crucially there have been no moderated public debates between those determining policy and those asking questions. There has been no cross examination of government experts in the courts. There has been free media access granted to paid proponents of biotechnology.

Two days ago Kathryn Ryan of RNZ Nine To Noon interviewed Michael Spector. According to Wikipedia, Spector has a degree in English and was formerly the New York Times Bureau Chief in Moscow (??). He has described the value of organic food and concerns about vaccine safety as ‘fictions’. He is now a New Yorker science writer and author of an adoring biography of Fauci whom he describes as “The Enlightenment’s human shield”.

Ryan was apparently ill equipped to ask scientifically probing questions of Spector. As a result, we were subjected to a barrage of disinformation, a sort of black comedy. Asked to define Covid ‘vaccines’, Spector replied “mRNA ‘vaccines’ deliver the blueprints that tell the cells how to build the antibodies needed to defend against Covid. Once they do that they hang around for a couple of days then disappear”.

Anyone with even a modicum of Covid scientific knowledge would know that this is not just a simplification but a fiction. mRNA Covid vaccines override cellular processes and create copies of the toxic spike protein on the surface of the Covid virus. This circulates in the physiology where the immune system attempts to destroy it by creating antibodies. Spike protein has been found in the blood up to 28 days following vaccination and in some cases longer. It can cause a range of adverse effects on health including myocarditis.

The conversation between Spector and Ryan rapidly deteriorated into the wild imagination of genetic essentialism. The false idea that any desirable human trait can be engineered by editing genes. Spector suggested that we could make kids taller or play the cello better. These are laughable fantasies. Ryan jumped in to say we could make female possums infertile. Segue to a cure for cancer. If you want a more informative assessment of so-called miracle biotech cures read my articles “Genetic Essentialism and Biotechnology Experimentation” and “Speak up now, it is almost too late

Or watch Professor Richard Dawkins answer actual probing questions about Covid pandemic science in this interview with Unheard on Youtube. Dawkins struggles to try to justify his earlier extreme moral condemnation of the unvaccinated, and eventually admits he got it wrong. In a convoluted defence, he blames politicians for wanting a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer when actually scientists didn’t know about the efficacy and safety of the ‘vaccines’ or government lockdown policies.

Yes, you read that right, one of the world’s best known scientists publicly admits they didn’t know much about Covid ‘vaccine’ efficacy or safety when they accused the ‘vaccine’ hesitant of being killers. More than that, he now admits he and many others made the wrong call.

Let us return now to the hapless social media personality, suffering repeated bouts of unexpected ill health but assailed on all sides by her own pro-‘vaccine’ followers bolstered by government propaganda. She feels alone, but she is not actually alone, she is certainly misinformed about the extent of ‘vaccine’ injury and quite possibly one of hundreds of thousands of severely ‘vaccine’-injured individuals.

There are key processes of data analysis that would help decide the causes of current unprecedented high rates of illness and death. Including analysis of ‘vaccine’ status at the time of hospital admission and death, segmented by age and condition. This can be compared with historical data. Why are medical authorities around the world refusing to undertake this and even hiding data? Why are mainstream media not asking these questions? The present need is for rational re-evaluation.