This occupies the site of the former Mahara Iti gallery in Mahara Lane (the pedestrian connector from the Main Road to Mahara Place) and will be there for another 5 weeks including Saturdays, which allows locals plenty of time to go and express view about the size of building needed and what it should contain, as well as books and magazines.

There are earlier posts on Waikanae Watch covering the latter aspect based on what some libraries overseas have, with a bigger look at the Stokes Valley library/community hub and the impressive one in Central Christchurch, both of them relatively recent.

Interactivity includes the ability to put coloured Post-it note stickers containing brief comments on the wall posters (in the photos) and casino-chip-like counters in glass jars. The helpful staffer will explain it to you as you go in. As seen in the top photo, it’s on the sunny side of the lane.