The powers that be want EVs and the electricity they require to be too expensive for the masses.

From Eric Peters at

If you’re interested in what electrification is driving at, you might be interested to know that in Britain (and the rest of Western Europe) “sharply rising electricity prices have reduced the per-mile cost savings offered by EVs compared to fossil fueled (sic) vehicles.”

This from the British Climate Change Committee – acronymically as well as politically very close to the CCCP, which those who remember the Soviet Union will remember. Both want the same thing – and it begins with a “c.” The CCCP said it wanted it in the name of the “workers.” The CCC says it wants it in the name of the “environment.” Both want it for the sake of the politburo – the handful of connected politicos who control things in countries where “c” is well on the way to becoming the governing philosophy. It is always thus in “c” countries. Someone – or a few someones – must “speak” for the Great Collective, eh?

It is not a coincidence that the last leader of the old Soviet Union – Mikhail Gorbachev – shifted from red to green after the Soviet Union came undone. He understood that a time comes when a failing product has to be rebranded.

Anyhow, we see where things are headed now.

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