Australian M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers. Some of these tracked vehicles date back to the Vietnam War, and were destined for the scrapyard, but are now being shipped to Ukraine for NATO’s proxy war.

‘Workers should demand an end to, and seek to block, all funding and weapons shipments to Ukraine’

from Red Fire online

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) federal government has once again used taxpayers’ money to funnel funding and weapons to Ukraine. In a media release from the office of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the Australian government announced a new $110 million “assistance” package for Ukraine. The package includes 70 military vehicles, including M113 armoured carriers, a supply of 105mm artillery, and $10 million for the United Nations (UN) overseen Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund.[1] This latest tranche of “aid” brings the total Australian government contribution to Ukraine to a staggering $790 million, which includes $610 million in military hardware.[2] The “opposition” Liberal Party of Australia (LPA) criticised the ALP – for not providing enough money and weapons. Opposition Leader Peter Dutton described the package as a “garage sale” of unwanted and obsolescent military vehicles that needed to be decommissioned anyway. The M113 armoured vehicle does date back to the Vietnam War, and some military commentators say that they would have depreciated in value to zero many years ago. Dutton also complained that Australia should have sent the new Australian built Hawkei vehicles, given that Ukraine has specifically requested them previously.[3]

Danger of world war

Every dollar and every weapon that the West now ships to Ukraine continues to add to the extreme danger of a nuclear world war. The West, via NATO and other quisling governments such as Australia and Canada,[4] is not only waging a proxy war on Russia via Ukraine but is recklessly endangering the future of human civilisation. More than this, the US and UK governments – along with their allies – are funding and arming Nazis in Ukraine to do their bidding. It is undeniable that the Ukrainian government, since it was overthrown in a US backed coup in 2014, has integrated Nazi militias into its state – the Azov Battalion being only the one which is most well-known. Ukraine is the only state in the world to have Nazi formations as part of its state, and some say that the Azov Battalion has even built a “state within a state”.[5] Yet the so-called liberal and supposedly progressive Labor Party does not even bat an eyelid at dumping money and military vehicles directly into the hands of Nazified forces with a vitriolic hatred of Russians to aid NATO’s endless war escalations.

Albanese’s rhetoric about Russia’s “immoral invasion” of Ukraine is daily exposed as a wild inversion of the facts on the ground. NATO has been provoking Russia for at least 20 years, and Russia has demonstrated almost limitless restraint in responding to dire threats to its security. Meanwhile the Nazified Ukrainian forces, knowing that they are being totally overwhelmed by Russia’s military and manufacturing capacity, are resorting to all kinds of provocations in an effort to draw NATO directly in to confront Russia. Reports say that “UkroNazi” junta forces have effectively taken over the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant in Yuzhnoukrainsk in the Nikolayev region.[6] Speculation is rife that the Ukrainian forces will set off some type of nuclear explosion in the plant, blame Russia, and then somehow invoke Article 5 of NATO’s charter to draw the US directly into the conflict. This comes after the Ukrainian armed forces have repeatedly launched air strikes on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant,[7] in a seeming effort to trigger an explosion at the plant which Russian forces secured in the early days of its Special Military Operation (SMO). Yet much of the Western corporate media barely reported these deliberate efforts to blow up the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

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