Within 14 days of our awareness campaign, we hit a huge milestone on social media with the hashtag #stopthesilence:

It’s thanks to you that we have been able to shine a spotlight on voices that didn’t agree with the covid agenda and that continue to be unjustly silenced.

You have played a critical role in sharing these stories. That huge number above shows that a few small voices grouped together make a tremendous impact.

Please continue to share these stories with your friends and family who seek proof that there are many Kiwis who disagree with the overreach and are doing something about it. Spreading awareness remains crucial to this effort.

We’re making a difference by telling other stories that occurred during the pandemic.  Stories that prove some aspects of ‘the science’ weren’t up for debate and some voices weren’t allowed to be heard.  In fact, some voices were deliberately censored and silenced.

Those who dared to question the “safe and effective” talking point were bullied, ridiculed, threatened, sanctioned and kept from public discussion.

But no more.

Truth is on our side, and we are witnessing a growing wave of Kiwis awakening to this reality. That’s why we’ve decided to keep our web page active as a point of reference you can share with others. It’s essential to show them that genuine action is taking place.