by Hans Vogel at

No longer is it a matter of speculation whether or not the “West” is in free fall. It clearly is, and it is clearly intentional. The Great Covid Show, brought to you by the usual suspects, seems to have created the right conditions for the “Great Reset.” There were some hiccups, because an operation so vast and all-encompassing as the Great Covid Show was beyond the technical and intellectual capabilities of the US neocons and their foreign cronies, including the WEF, the WHO and the EU.

The Russian Special Military Operation in the Ukraine has complicated matters. Like in a game of chess, Russia is forcing the US and its vassals to make moves they had not planned or had counted on making only later in the game. Such moves are definitely not to their advantage. That is why governments are making such drastic decisions in so many different fields, and all at the same time.

They had planned to drastically reorganize agriculture, following the example set by the Bolsheviks after 1929, when they started to evict and exterminate the kulaks.

Instead of collectivization, the latter-day Bolsheviks want giant corporations to dominate agriculture. But the essence of these schemes is the same: the small and intermediate farmers need to be dislodged either voluntarily or by brute force. Seemingly somewhat earlier than what the original script called for, the Dutch government has started a war on farmers, which like in the former USSR, may result in widespread food scarcity, if not famine.

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