by Guy Hatchard

There are a lot of things that our current crop of politicians, like snake oil salesmen, are anxious we shouldn’t be allowed to know, but the facade is beginning to crumble.

A minister in the Spanish government has flown in a private jet to attend a climate conference, then switched to a limo from the airport. Some 100 metres from the venue, she emerged from the limo to mount an electric bike and ride to the entrance for the photo opportunity. I don’t need to add a commentary to this, but some of our New Zealand cows being blamed for climate change might like to do so.

An article published by the Australian ABC entitled “Ten positive tests and counting: The mystery of why some people just keep catching COVID” is a puzzle in itself. How could the writer get through the long article without mentioning Covid vaccines? A brief internet search should have been enough to uncover this peer-reviewed scientific article, “IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein

You may have seen a story doing the rounds—a top BBC presenter has reportedly been caught out paying hush money to vulnerable young men he had apparently exploited. The presenter wasn’t named, but a search through today’s UK papers reveals exactly who he is. You may be surprised to know he is very familiar to viewers here in New Zealand. He is often the one hosting top stories from overseas, including how effective Covid ‘vaccines’ are.

If you agree with our politicians that excess deaths are nothing to worry about, or rather they don’t exist, then you might read this article “Hospital ‘hot-bedding’: Waitākere Hospital patients moved from beds to chairs to free up space“. Also try “‘Very disturbing’ wait times of up to 18 months for cardiac scans”. Now what could possibly have caused that?

Or if you have freed yourself from the Ardern doctrine to not look further than our shoreline, you might have found out from the British Heart Foundation that 100,000 extra people have died from heart disease in the UK (but no one knows why) or looked at Edward Dowd’s reports of the dramatic increase in US disability stats.

There is a salutary lesson here. Don’t have any more Covid shots, and be very careful about the exotic vaccines now being touted, such as the forthcoming RSV shot for the over 50s. It is no coincidence that this is being reported in the financial press as a shot in the arm for big pharma profits. There is also the Alzheimers shot intended for people with Downs Syndrome, which is now proposed to be repurposed for the elderly. The list of new vaccines is endless, and we will be the people trying them out.For decades the long term effects of vaccines have been swept under the carpet. Fortunately, the pandemic has opened the eyes of some. These long term effects need researching.

Igor Chudov’s substack reports “Cognitive Impairment in Adults – What Role Did Covid ‘Vaccines’ Play?” Chudov features the detailed analysis of a medical doctor in the US Midwest who reports increased cases of a worrying rapid decline in cognitive ability among elderly patients. By no means everyone is experiencing this, but he points out that the growth in numbers of people concerned enough to visit their GP points to a more widespread unreported rate of milder but significant symptoms.

Chudov also reports results from the Netherlands where there has been a 18%-40% increase among different age brackets over 25 years in GP consultations about memory and concentration loss in 2023 compared to 2020.

There is too much to say and too little space to say it here, but one final parting shot: hands up class, how many of you still believe that Covid came from a cute furry animal somewhere in Asia? Our politicians, media experts, and big pharma moguls really don’t want us to think about that.

Otherwise, we may realise that we are all, whether ‘vaccinated’ or unvaccinated, suffering from a surfeit of biotechnology. In which case, their gravy train could come to a grinding halt. As my French teacher used to say, wake up at the back there.”