by Ann Arnold

I have attended both meetings held at the Lindale complex in Kapiti and on Tuesday was again impressed at Julian Batchelor’s masterful presentation of why co-governance must be stopped. It was a reminder to the approximately 200 people present that democracy rests on the principle of one country, one people, one vote, which is now in jeopardy by those who oppose this truth. 

With selfless great concern for his country, Julian through extensive research and dedication, presented the truth of the original 1840 untainted Treaty of Waitangi.

This treaty that ceded Sovereignty to the British Crown for the sake of Māori and non-Māori and has never been rescinded, but sadly and subtly has been highjacked by lies and propaganda over years for personal monetary gain and power.

Co-governance is damaging for all concerned and for those who have not seen the reasons I suggest they attend one of Julian’s meetings or get hold of the easy-to-read Stop co-governance booklet he has written. 

As usual, protesters were out in force Tuesday night seeking to disrupt events. They held slogans, lining the road and shouting abuse and insults at people driving to and from the venue. Even hours later, they were throwing things at cars as people were leaving. Within the auditorium after repeated warnings at least seven people had to be removed by police for disruption and Julian lost a full half hour because of this. It’s pertinent here to say such behavior wouldn’t be tolerated on a marae.

It was observed by the security people that most of the protesters were from outside the Kapiti district and had also been at the first meeting held in May. They appear to be following Julian around. Tuesday’s outside protesters were triple in number to the May meeting.  Consistent chanting outside wasn’t a hinderance inside thanks to the security team who did great work. Julian’s sincere motive is warning all nationalities that call themselves New Zealanders, that our country is in jeopardy of becoming anapartheid state and as he put it Tuesday night his objective is ‘to set the captives free’. 

A most savory point with impact was the following quote by the Māori MP Sir Apirana Ngata (1874-1950): ‘Let me acknowledge first that, in the whole world I doubt whether any native race has been so well treated by a European people as the Māori.’ 

In response to Mandy Hager’s spurious diatribe in Kapiti and Coast Independent News of 19 July: The personal attack on Julian’s character for his efforts shows how small-minded and bitter his opponents are and how blind they are to their own racism, falsehoods and deception which is responsible for rapidly dividing our nation into two factions.