from Ross Muir

First one: The damages costs for Kiri Allan’s car crash will be high. Any insurance cover will be cancelled because firstly she was over the breath limit and secondly she refused a blood test, both of which cancel any insurance, so all costs fall on her.  The DIA were asked if the taxpayers would be paying the bill, which they should not as Kiri was on personal time having nothing to do with her duties, however the DIA will not comment.   This means, of course, that we WILL be paying, or they would have given a definite “No”.

Second one: University pass rates have dropped alarmingly. Maori and Pacific students are just not studying (stated) despite special provisions made for them to study. Maori pass rates as low as 61% (non-maori 86%). It’s blamed on covid and cost of living. Last time I looked, the Restrictions for covid were applied to everyone, except that Maori/Pasifika had special places created for them to study safely that were not available to the “others”. But checkout operators at supermarkets do not have a separate pricing system based on ethnicity.   The “victim” card is played subtly again.