The Agency has been covertly “moderating” that online encyclopedia for over ten years, according to a former editor

From Mark Crispin Miller

As a mere attentive reader, I’d say the CIA has been manipulating Wikipedia for even longer (maybe from the start?), since it was some fifteen years ago that I looked up Philip Agee’s entry, and found that it was nothing but a tissue of the propaganda smears that CIA pumped out in 1975 (and ever since), in fierce (covert) response to Agee’s indispensable Behind the Company: CIA Diary. (For those interested in that attack, and Agee’s many other punishments for authoring that book, I’d skip that Wikipedia entry, and, instead, read Agee’s memoir On the Run.)

So when Wikipedia “revised” the entry on myself, sometime in 2021 (I think it was), to make it even nastier and more deceptive, I was not surprised. While it had not been flattering from the start, it was now poisonously amplified with tidbits from the slanders that my department colleagues used to tried to get me fired from NYU, and that echoed and re-echoed in the media (including the Chronicle of Higher Education).

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In NZ all you need to do is go to the ironically named “Disinformation Project” which is there to promote Globalist propaganda. Its two heads Kate Hannah and Sanjana Hattotuwa are said to have ties to the US State Department — they certainly get funding from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet — and MBIE is also said to be a funder. —Eds