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Google-owned YouTube have deleted our channel claiming we violated their ‘Community Standards’; it turned out we were not the only victims, first they tried to rip us off from the revenues by striking most of our videos with their ‘not advertisers friendly’ claim, while they continued to play ads on the same videos, then removing the whole channel.

We had over 500 very important videos, most of which were and still exist on terrorist groups channels but not addressed to the Western or the international societies as it is in Arabic or Urdu to help them recruit more radical graduates of Saudi sponsored ‘Madrassas’, and all we did was add English subtitles to these videos so the world will realize who is killing the Syrian people, which made the propagandists work more difficult.

image-YouTube Propagandists Platform for US Sponsored Al-Qaeda
YouTube supports al-Qaeda and deletes hundreds of videos and tens of channels in the process to hide the truth and maintain one narrative only: The Pentagon Narrative.

This will not stop us defending our country and exposing the lies of the Western politicians, their media aka fake news, their lobbyists and their regional stooges. We will not let them take control of the last bastion against their hegemony goals to turn our beloved country Syria, the cradle of civilization to one of their client countries or divided in-fighting ’emirates’ or ‘sheikhdoms’ asking the USA to solve our internal issues like the case now with the Gulfies.

image-YouTube Rejects to Return Our Channel
YouTube Rejects Returning Our Channel

We have found one platform for now to host our videos called and we will continue to find other ways to upload our massive library deleted by al-Qaeda’s official propaganda platform on Social Media.

This attempt by Google-owned YouTube reminds us of what Facebook also did the same on multiple occasions deleting hundreds of pro-Syria profiles, groups, and pages while it protected and even promoted profiles, groups, and pages that explicitly called for genocide against Syrian civilians and Syrian public institutes. This might upset those simple-minded in the West especially to learn about, but this is how their countries justify invading other countries, then a decade or more later would or would not apologize for the invasions they carry out based on mere lies.

Obviously, NSA-colluding platforms are trying to remain the monopoly of news but thanks to the hundreds of activists this will never happen and with your support, we can fight them back and restore our rights in free will, free speech and decide our own future. 

Remember that the Biden regime is illegally occupying a third of Syrian territory, plundering the county’s oil, see the earlier posts. —Eds