the Globalist Vultures are Circling

Lahaina residents heard no sirens and many were forced to make a hasty escape. Now that the town is destroyed, will the residents be able to hold onto their land and rebuild? Perhaps, but many globalist billionaires undoubtedly have a desire to swoop in and pick the bones of the tragedy. The billionaires think they can develop the land better than the little people.

Will it be Oprah, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. Will it be Bezos or Black Rock? The vultures may already be circling above the burnt-out town in Maui.

Hawaiian residents can’t depend on government to bail them out. Government is, in fact, another circling, globalist buzzard ready to take advantage of disasters. They want to implement their various agendas meant to control humanity, while the globalist billionaire class will do as they please.

There have been many questions asked about this event; even the pro-Democrat Party MSM is asking about the non-functioning warning sirens and fire hydrant pressure failing. Particularly curious and suspicious is this book which appeared a mere two days after the fires began on 8 August.

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