Leftists are hypocrites.

Jacinda Ardern was quizzed by a reporter on her ‘climate change hypocrisy’ as she entered a building in downtown Montreal on Sunday.

As she approached the entrance reporter Lincoln Jay of Rebel News Canada asked her ‘how much fossil fuels did you burn coming here to talk about climate change?’

A smiling Ardern did not give an answer, while any further questioing by Jay was quickly shut down by a man later identified as an employee of the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister’s Office.

Attendees of the summit included Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his deputy Chrystia Freeland, the former Prime Ministers of Sweden and Norway, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and current leader of the UK Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer.

It’s purpose was to bring together ‘global progressive political leaders, policy experts, and changemakers from more than 15 countries’ to discuss and collaborate on bold new ideas and directions in ‘progressive governance’.

Climate change critics have long accused political leaders of double-standards over the issue of personal carbon footprints, as the supposed CO2 emissions from the air and land travel required for leaders to gather for these face-to-face meetings could be eliminated by using remote conferencing platforms like Zoom.

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