As we’ve seen, Labour/Green aren’t enthusiasts for it either.

from ACT:

In a new interview with Newshub, the Māori Party’s Rawiri Waititi has announced: “I’m not a fan of democracy, because democracy is a tyranny of the majority. I think Māori had a form of democracy where the collective made a decision. If you didn’t uphold what the community wanted, you were gone, not just you, your whole whanau was gone. You’re out.”

Make no mistake: the Māori Party are not here to uphold democracy, they’re here to wreck it. And they’ll do it with support from their mates in Labour and the Greens.

On October 14 democracy is on the line.

There’s good reason Waititi might not be a fan of democracy: voters may choose a new ACT-National Government that backs democratic principles like ‘one person, one vote’, and public services based on need, not race.

And with ACT at the Cabinet table, we’ll deliver a referendum to clarify the principles of the Treaty and end the divisive co-governance agenda promoted by the likes of Rawiri Waititi.