This double-sided flyer has been circulating in the Kapiti District; 7,000 had been distributed as at a couple of weeks ago. CALM and the flyer were a result of the controversial meeting held by the Raumati Community Board in July (see the earlier post) for the equally controversial Coastal Advisory Panel (CAP) that the previous council under Mayor Gurunathan, supported by his then Deputy, now the present mayor, set up.

The first clarification that needs to be made is that Coastal Ratepayers United (CRU) and CALM are not the same people; it seems that CALM is more a direct activist group less mired in legal issues than CRU is: the latter is dominated by experts on the whole subject matter as well as thousands of concerned Ratepayers.

Three essential points being made by both groups, however, are:

1. The science being used by the CAP is extreme, flawed and discredited;

2. The process that CAP has used has been unsatisfactory; it is designed to exclude people who dispute Climatist ideology. Mr Bolger has made very clear that he is not interested in talking to those he calls “climate change deniers.” Only those with Greenie stone age ideology are welcome.

3. For whatever reason — and there are ulterior motives being suggested — “Managed Retreat” is the outcome wanted by both the Council and the present government and CAP seem determined to achieve that.

The figure stated in the flyer of $3 million of Ratepayers’ money squandered on this deceptive circus so far is correct. Although not the biggest waste of Ratepayer money in recent KCDC history (the award for that must go to the Mayor Rowan + Dougherty water meters), it’s certainly up there.

We’ve published several articles over the last couple of years on the “we’re all going to disappear under the water” nonsense that the Climate Cult constantly promote. These have been written by analysts like Ian Bradford who have studied the real science, not the junk science, and readers are referred to them. We’ve also made the case that the climate has changed from natural processes over the millennia and people have had very little, if anything at all, to do with it.

We think the time has come, as we said in July for the Council to manage its retreat from this unnecessary angst-creating charade.

More on this next week.