As can be seen from these two KCDC documents, the issue has been looked at — but that’s about it.

All of Waikanae’s normal water supply comes from the Waikanae River, apart from that for some properties which have their own bore water.  And how much of it is stored in a reservoir?  Zilch, nix, none.

Is that a sensible situation when every summer the river runs low?  Obviously not; well, it’s obvious to most people, but clearly it hasn’t been for the majority of those who have been sat on the council for the past several years. Instead they decided to waste tens of millions of dollars of ratepayers money on water meters, which have added nothing to catchment.

We have done our bit to add to catchment by installing 1,600-litre capacity water tanks to supplement the tap supply (see earlier), which based on a generous usage estimate of 100 litres a day should last a couple of weeks at a time.  One of our neighbours has also done this.  But not everyone can afford the initial $2,500 or so cost.

Then there are the new housing developments underway which if they are realised as proposed will add major new consumption needs that will vastly exceed the existing supply capacity.

The land for a water dam apparently is already owned by the council, thanks to the current Mayor Ross Church, so why doesn’t the council get on and start building it?