This was held in a ‘pop-up shop’ in Mahara Place and basically dealt with matters covered in the Long Term Plan. During the time we were there, there was a small but regular trickle of visitors who could write their comments on the large sheets of paper shown.

There was also the video being shown on the monitor in the pic above.  And that raised a question in itself: how much did the Council spend on the animated cartoons of the Mayor, Councillors and Council Officers speaking with real scenes in the background?  Cute maybe, but would it not have been just as effective and cheaper to have filmed them for real?  This willingness to waste thousands of dollars at a time characterises a spendthrift mentality on the part of the Council.

Anyway, even if you didn’t go to this open day, you can still make submissions in the next 4 weeks on the Long Term Plan; we will be.  Details will be posted on here.003