The WCB minutes for the 10 February meeting record: “Sam Hutcheson, Senior Social Wellbeing Advisor, spoke about the Draft Local Approved Products (Psychoactive Substances) Policy and the submission period that had been extended to 18 February, giving Board Members the chance to discuss and consider making a submission on behalf of their communities (papers were tabled). Ms Hutcheson clarified that it was a Districtwide policy that aimed to restrict areas where psychoactive products may be sold. While no area was ideal for this purpose, the Policy would consider locations that were visible therefore discouraging loitering, was close to medical and police services and away from sensitive sites such as schools, churches, community halls and residential properties.”

Basically, while the KCDC doesn’t want them, it can’t prohibit shops selling legal highs, only restrict their location.   As Jean Kahui says, why not let the purveyors of psychoactive substances have the empty shop on SH1 in Paraparaumu next to the electorate office of Otaki MP Nathan Guy?  It might be educational for him.