Parkwood victim

A letter from about 6 months ago. We can well empathise with this woman’s experiences, unfortunately being next to a certain retirement village and having had items stolen from us.  One misconception that needs to be dispelled, however, is that this sort of incident happens only at night — in fact it is far more common during daylight hours. The men who stole this woman’s barbecue probably just showed up in a ute and lifted it straight on the back — would neighbours have realised the owner hadn’t arranged this and they they were stealing it?

When talking with one of our supporters who runs a garden supplies business in Waikanae, we learned that thefts are a significant problem for many — plants get dug up out of gardens, ornaments get stolen, and in one case a masonry garden seat was removed, only for it to be broken when it proved heavier than the thieves could handle getting it on the tray of their ute and they dropped it.