Waikanae sections

Those who take the trouble to read this blog are certain to have voted already, but if you are an eligible last-minute decider, please do so.  There is a receptacle in the Waikanae library for these.  What we don’t want is a big vote for Apathy, as this will simply demonstrate for those agitating for the ‘Super-City’ that people don’t care about the Community Boards.

The Destination Waikanae webpage makes it almost seem like an election for the Mayor of Waikanae with a magic wand: “Who do you think will be most passionate in their support of Waikanae and its residents? Have the vision to help our community thrive and prosper? Be most energetic in their pursuit of goals for Waikanae?”

Well, don’t expect miracles from any candidate.  What we will be encouraging regardless of who wins is:-

1. Better communication – an up-to-the-minute agenda for WCB meetings should be available on the KCDC website, preferably on an easily recognisable button on the homepage and meeting Minutes should be available there quickly, regardless of the fact that they won’t be confirmed until the next meeting.

2.  More seeking of views on key issues – such as do you want commercialisation of the Beach area, massive new subdivisions in the northern area, and so on.

3.  Encouragement of local groups to volunteer to do important environmental things like cleaning up the public parts of the town, parks and Beach and suggest that if money is needed for certain projects that they apply for it under the local grant process.  The WCB needs to be pro-active in its approach.