This was opened this morning.  There was a lot of concern about the desirability of adding water that has been “sleeping” in the ground for decades, even centuries, to the river, but it seems that this has been adequately addressed.

According to the article on the KCDC website:

“The River Recharge Scheme is the first in the country which uses groundwater to top up the river during dry times. The groundwater will be added below the treatment plant during dry times when river flow is low.  Before it joins the river, the groundwater runs down a grassy channel so it is oxygenated and other gases are released. The scheme is being closely monitored and will continue to be monitored to ensure the river’s ecological balance is well maintained for generations to come. It has the capacity to ensure a high quality and reliable water supply for Waikanae, Raumati and Paraparaumu for the next 50 years.”

Hmmm.  We hope that last comment hasn’t just been put there as an excuse for not building a reservoir…