billboards Further to the earlier post, a reader has sent in this pic accompanying a story on the stuff website about the proliferation of billboards in Wellington — being ones that are mounted on trailers and towed into a parking place each day on thoroughfares.

Most councils require resource consent for fixed billboards on roadsides and elsewhere if their effect is considered to be more than “minor”.


After discussing the by-law stipulations with the KCDC’s compliance officer, he advised that billboards on trailers like those in Wellington (the photo above was taken at the city end of Karori) would not be permitted under the KCDC’s by-laws.

Remote fixed billboards the size of the Ranford ones require resource consent; whether or not Ranford bothered to obtain it is something we need to find out.

Needless to say, if they were approved we are very concerned about the precedent it sets as it could open the door to general visual pollution with commercial developments accompanying the Expressway.

The subject is covered in Part L of the KCDC’s District Plan. Here is the last page of this which specifies maximum dimensions of commercial signs. PART L