At the beginning of 2010 the council surveyed the native trees that existed in all Kapiti properties at the time and we got a letter recently pointing out that under the central government’s changes to the Resource Management Act in 2013, all councils in NZ now have to identify specifically all native trees subject to their District Plan rules: this replaces their hitherto abilitity to describe them generally.  It is both a time-consuming exercise for local councils and also a useful one as it should enable direct answers to specific questions a lot of the time henceforth, in theory at least.

Waikanae has a lot of trees and, except for a few unscrupulous property developers (and their deceitful lawyers), that is the way we want it.

As the council already knows from a visit in early 2013 what we have on our property, we sent them the letter shown below; you can give your responses, however, on the KCDC website — Read all about it here