We mentioned the extremely hostile reaction of citizens to the Republic of Ireland’s introduction of water meters in that country in an earlier post.  Civil disobedience there on the issue is almost as strong as was the case during the independence from the UK struggle of a century ago.

The people of Kapiti can relate to their feelings!  This is from the Dublin says No facebook page



Irish Water verses Irish Pride, last time they called and saw the sign on my water cover and walked away. My water pipe is at my front door so clearly on my property, I received a letter in the door yesterday (Sunday) saying they are around for the next three days installing water meters, this morning 7.45 am, they arrived at my door and drove off, they returned at 11 am walked into my garden with a screwdriver and ‘looked’, turned and walked away, the guy spent 20 min on the phone outside my garden, I decided to put a tone of gravel over my shore to delay their quick illegal removal of my cover to install their meter. See how this goes for now before I take further action, I cut the handles of the tone bag so it’s not easy to drag away but this would take a load of men to move LOL