KapitiFlooding May

Just about everyone we have spoken to in Christchurch since the 2010-2011 earthquakes has had a tale of woe about the way they have been treated by the Earthquake Commission.

Now, following the damage caused by the May floods in Kapiti, some coasters are getting the same.  According to Radio NZ: “Waikanae resident Steve Coburn said he had been left with a huge bill after losing a chunk of land from the front of his home during the May floods.

“He said the commission’s assessment was unfair.

“Eventually EQC assessed us and months and months later we got a letter saying the repair would cost $85,000 and they were going to cover $11,000.”

“Mr Coburn said he could not afford to put the shortfall on to his mortgage.

“The commission is legally bound to pay whatever is the cheapest: the value of the damaged land, or the cost of repairing it.”

(For our overseas readers we should explain that premiums for all property insurance policies include a levy for the Earthquake Commission which is the mandated insurer for land, and earthquake damage to certain limits.)