Unfortunately, Mr Dougherty was reappointed by the council last May until August 2020 so Kapiti ratepayers are stuck with him until then.  However, the disfunction and bad decisions that he has been responsible for are going to be an issue in this year’s general council elections.


I was handed a letter today from Mr Dougherty, warning me of police intervention, because of my having paid my water bill and rates [at the council offices]. Mr Dougherty stated that council is currently reviewing internal procedures for dealing with trespassers, and staff will be advised to contact Police if I attempt to enter the council offices at Rimu Road.

I am expected if I have an enquiry or to pay bills to go to Waikanae or Otaki or
make a written request to the Customer Services Manager.

Mr Dougherty seems to be suffering from several forms of personality disorder.
Consequently, a certain amount of what he does and his decision processes are
impacted by megalomania and egotism, or narcissism.

The Mayor and councillors have a duty to reign in Mr Dougherty’s irresponsible
exercise of power, which has already cost the council both in litigation and in
moral standing. Personal vendettas and ego are no way to conduct council
business and treat ratepayers.

Mr Dougherty also saw the need to again deposit his libellous implications with
the police in seemingly trying to build up a very false impression of my
character with them.

Consequently. I have handed a copy of the following letter to Kapiti police,
attn. Snr Const. Lee Greedus, and handed the letter to the service desk at KCDC premises at Rimu Road.

I will continue to undertake legitimate business at the Rimu Road premises as
and when required, as I have done for several dozen years.

Later today I was arrested, and was at the police station for 2 hrs 30 mins, finger printed and photographed for willful trespass. The police were friendly chaps. I was given the option that if I acknowledged the trespass the matter would be dropped with a warning. However, I said that I cannot in good conscious concede to the legitimacy of a trespass notice based on flagrantly false, vile allegations.

The initial appearance at court will be Porirua, Tuesday 5 April, 9:00 am.

Nice going, Dougherty. It must be an example of the KCDC being ‘open for business’, His Worship willing to listen to all, and another example of Dougherty’s narcissistic intransigence against ratepayers.

K R Bolton

11 Beachwater Gr

Paraparaumu Beach 5032



7 March 2016

A P Dougherty

Chief Executive

Kapiti Coast District Council

Dear Mr Dougherty

In response to your letter of 7 March 2016, warning me as to Trespass from the
175 Rimu Road building:

I had legitimate business being at Rimu Road on 29 January and 26 February,
paying my water rates and my quarterly rates. On both occasions these
transactions were undertaken in the same amiable manner as have all my dealings with staff over the course of 24 years. My partner, Kathy Thomson, suffers from “essential tremor”. This condition can change minute-by-minute. It is aggravated by stress. Given the belligerent attitude of yourself and the majority of councillors, I am uneasy about Kathy entering the Rimu Road premises; it is unpleasant enough for myself.

The suggestion that I pay rates etc. at Waikanae or Otaki is an unjust burden.
Further, I do not use debit transactions for any dealings. Your demand that I
only contact staff by first writing to the Customer Services Manager is
presumably meant to imply that I am a dangerous character, for which there is
no justification whatsoever. The insinuation is another baseless libel.

Should you wish to exempt me from paying rates and any other bills or charges, that of course would be agreeable, especially considering that I have been denied the same rights as other ratepayers without just cause. I would therefore have no reason or desire to enter the premises.

As we both know, the basis of the trespass notice against me is bogus. Unlike
private property, trespass from public property must be based on something more substantial than a whim or vendetta. Such matters have been considered by NZ courts and the Ombudsman.

Oddly, the bizarre allegation of my attempting to assault Cr Holborow has never been put to the test of cross-examination. The allegation remains a standing defamation for which a majority of councillors, aided by yourself, are responsible. Until that libel is retracted the matter cannot rest. However, should you re-issue a trespass order on some other basis such as breaching standing orders by speaking, or some-such, at least this would be tolerable; not on the basis of the despicable Holborow lie. These matters are with the
Office of the Ombudsman, and the …….  is examining the conduct of Cr Michael Scott.

You were provided with two opportunities by Snr Sgt Anita Dixon and by Deputy Mayor Mike Cardiff to settle matters amicably, and rebuffed both. The situation is of your making and that of the majority of councillors. There is no just reason why I should pander to such miscreance and accept inconvenience based on nonsense.

Yours sincerely

K R Bolton

Cc: Snr Constable Lee Greedus