Town Centres and Connectors Transformation Newsletter - March 20One page of a 3-page newsletter.  It doesn’t say anything that wasn’t said last year in the proposed Long Term Plan booklet, except that the new parking lot  for railway commuters — Park and Ride — on the former Waikanae Hotel site was confirmed a few months after this process.

The condensation of the above into plain English is that they have redesigned pedestrian areas between the forthcoming Park and Ride lot, the Marae and Mahara Place.  And they also have designs for the west side of the main road which involve widening the footpath/sidewalk and (we assume) eliminating the parking spaces.

We are a little concerned about the possibility that one lane of the roadway might be eliminated, too: this should be kept for a traffic underpass to eliminate the Elizabeth Street level crossing with the railway.

They also recognise the lack of provision for pedestrians crossing the Main Road from the station to Ngaio Road, but don’t say exactly what they are doing — a pedestrian crossing without traffic lights?

On a little semantics point, why do spin doctors love using the word “solutions” as here in “design solutions” which implies there is a problem when there isn’t?  In this case they are simply producing designs.