Councillor Gaylor :- comment attributed to you within ‘Penny’s Piece
September 2015 (Otaki Mail)’ foreshadowed the platform from which you are
leveraging your run to be elected as Kapiti’s representative on the Greater
Wellington Regional Council (GWRC).

Your comment lays claim to skills in advocacy, a readiness to lead an issue
and strength in building relationships — the latter morphing within your
recently distributed election pink as a ‘focus on restoring positive
relationships between Regional Council and our community’.

Councillor :- I have (throughout your second elected term) personally
observed your behaviour within Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) meetings — behaviour consistently characterised by an aggressive contempt for both rate paying members of the community present and certain of your elected colleagues — notably Councillors Jackie Elliott and David Scott.

Your notable belligerence on your temporary assumption as Chair within the KCDC meeting of 27 August last (belligerence silenced by Mayor Church) in my view (given that this is a role that when effectively filled demands
objectivity and leadership) further puts paid to any claims that you could
legitimately make around either leadership or relationship building

More recently your chairing of ‘The Environment and Community Development Committee’ meeting of 14 April (captured and heard on the audio recording of this meeting) confirms your consummate lack of capability , objectivity and professionalism.

Your consistent attempts to bolster (at the expense of current incumbents)
your electoral bid for GWRC and Central Government does you no credit.

You have in my opinion demonstrated an abject lack of the professional
attributes and skills critical to effective performance within either
elected roles within Local Government or elected (or potential List) roles
within the mechanism of Central Government.

Margaret Stevenson-Wright