Screen-Shot billboards

We’ve commented about the worrying precedent set by a certain billboard on Te Moana Road before, however, it has nothing on this announcement made yesterday about huge digital billboards on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles:

“Sunset Boulevard, known by some as the billboard capital of the world, will get even flashier with the addition of 11 new signs by Clear Channel Outdoor Americas.

“Clear Channel Outdoor Americas’ new displays are among the largest out-of-home media available in the Los Angeles area,” Clear Channel said in a press release. “The displays include seven walls standing from 80 to 87 feet [26.5 metres] tall and four vertical bulletins that are 60 feet [18.3 metres] tall and 20 feet [6.1 metres] wide with each display delivering over 1.1 million impressions monthly.” The stretch of Sunset Boulevard within West Hollywood currently contains 65 signs with 81 sign faces.