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the standpoint of the top photo.  This overbridge includes elevators for the mobility impaired.  Why was such an overbridge between the east parking lot and the corner of Main Road/Ngaio Road not built at Waikanae station?  A good question.

With constant immigration, particularly from Asia, which has increased Auckland’s population by 50% since 2000 and house prices by much more, new medium to high density housing is to be seen in many parts of the metropolis.

Swanson is about 20 km west of downtown Auckland and the final stop on the Western electric railway.

“High density” doesn’t necessarily mean high rise, but usually 2- or 3-story condominium buildings with very little space allocated to yards and landscaping.

Is this what we can expect in Waikanae with developments like that of the Maypole company?  We’ll tell you what we know soon.