“The Right Incentive”

We’ve heard a lot from the Mayor & CEO talking about the need to change the ‘Culture’ within KCDC.

Maybe the ‘Executive Management’ just need the right inspiration that is beneficial to us all.

To demonstrate they are working in our best interest, and the community acknowledging great leadership & performance could see the top 10 salaries linked to the outcome of the rating requirement.

IE; A rate rise = a Salary Reduction by that percentage…….. Sounds Fair!

A rate decrease = a Salary increase by that percentage ………

So Great Performance, increased efficiency etc, get rewarded in a mutually beneficial bonus to our ‘Loyal , Hard working Staff’, that ON OUR BEHALF, administer OUR community.

One can imagine that the ‘Current, Needing to be Changed’ Culture would not take to the idea of an accountable, transparent remuneration structure.

So maybe it is up to us to decide our future at the polls, and wonder if any of our ‘Leadership’ candidates would have the intestinal fortitude, or Political will to exact such a radical yet undeniably fair change.

A Cynic would bet against it, but would be interesting to see how long it would take before rates started to fall, and we started referring to our Council as “Caring, Dynamic & Effective” (oh, sorry I forgot, that’s what they are already telling us!)

Kind Regards, and keep up the great work Waikanae Watch

Gary Hertnon