As contained in the booklet on the KCDC site these can summarised as ‘we only want to do as little as we can get away with’.

There is no allowance for an underpass to eliminate the Elizabeth Street level crossing, and in fact road width reductions proposed act to counter what will be needed for this.

Current SH1/Te Moana Road intersection

KCDC Te Moana

The northbound approach and southbound exit to this intersection on SH1 are shown as being reduced to one lane, presumably in anticipation of less traffic.  The space will be replaced with planting in the median.

The present quick turn-off without the need to wait at the traffic lights for those turning into Te Moana Road from the south is shown as being eliminated and replaced with a pedestrian area.

These assumptions could be valid, but with the Expressway now expected to open this December, the actual reduction in traffic will be observable then and we suggest waiting to see what it is.

Current SH1/Elizabeth Street intersection

KCDC Main Rd

This intersection should be eliminated with an underpass between the west and east sides of the railway line inside tunnels.  The two central lanes in the present SH1 north of this intersection need to be retained for the entrance/exit tunnels for traffic from/to the north for Elizabeth Street traffic.

The entrance and exit tunnels for traffic to/from the south for Elizabeth Street will need to start/end in the space between Elizabeth Street and the Te Moana Road intersection.

Current SH1/Ngaio Road intersection

KCDC Ngaio

The clear omission from this drawing is an approximately 60-metre-long pedestrian overbridge between the north-west side of the Ngaio Road intersection and the existing Park and Ride parking lot on the east side of the railway line. This should involve a combined stairway and elevator tower (for the mobility impaired) at each end, with a third central stairway/elevator tower to/from the platform of the train station. Pedestrians will thus be able to cross the railway line from the platform to the Park and Ride carpark and over the present SH1 to Ngaio Road.

From the drawing we are unsure what is being proposed for the space currently in front of Gasoline Ally Services (GAS) on the south-west side of this intersection.

Waikanae Town Centre transformation, other than the roads


We cannot identify from the information panel drawings what is being proposed here. It looks the same as what exists now

Landscaping materials

These are to a large extent a personal thing.  We have a preference for native trees when planting new ones, but as few are deciduous, low level winter sun needs may dictate deciduous exotic trees instead.  Colorful displays of flowering shrubs at different times of the year are to be preferred over ones which look the same year round.

Otherwise we are happy to trust what a professional landscaper will come up with.