from Kapiti News


Wellington SPCA is appealing for information about the person responsible for dumping five kittens close to its Waikanae animal shelter.

The five kittens were found only 300 metres from the shelter, in scrub, close to an Electrolux vacuum cleaner box, yesterday.

Four of the five kittens, who are around six weeks of age and unable to fend for themselves, are now in the care of Wellington SPCA who are appealing for public help to identify the person who dumped them.

A fifth kitten, of around 10 weeks of age, was found dead some metres away from where the box and other kittens were found.

Wellington SPCA senior animal welfare Inspector Peter McCallum, said, “It is appalling that these kittens have been dumped, but even more so to see where.

“Someone has dumped these kittens just a few hundred metres away from our Waikanae centre.

“They could have come to us for help, instead they chose to leave these defenceless young animals in a location where they are lucky to have been found.”